Saskia | "I finally feel like I have enough energy for my workouts..."

Four weeks ago I started on the macros M2 sent me, and I am already so happy with it.

I feel like this was the first month in a long time where I wasn't hungry all the time and I feel good when I go to training after work.

Before working with M2, I was constantly struggling because I felt like I needed to eat less after I gained a few pounds. Then after a few days of eating according to the macros that I put myself on, and I always cheated because I was so hungry.

The last few weeks I have had maybe one day a week where I felt a bit hungry and allowed myself to eat a little (150 kcals) extra.

Last year, I did my first bar muscle up during the open. Never managed to do it again and at some point stopped trying because I felt like I was too heavy. 2 weeks ago, I tried and did 3 in a row.

Besides this accomplishment, I finally feel like I have enough energy for my workouts and while dropping some weight, I haven't felt any less strong on the barbell.  Additionally, the last few weeks I dropped ~5lbs, which wasn't even the main goal.

Overall, I am really happy with my results in such a short time.

Thank you!

- Saskia