M2PN Client | "It was like everything had come together and my body was soooo happy!"

I cannot thank M2 Performance Nutrition enough for his help with my nutrition.  I came to Mike in hopes of improving my performance in the gym.  I had finally hit a long slump with CrossFit.  I was no longer PR'ing lifts, increasing skills, or getting faster in the gym.  I tried adding in additional work to supplement my CrossFit program, but nothing seemed to help.  I found myself training a couple of hours a day and seeing zero results.

With the help of M2 I found out that I was underrating tremendously.  My coach increased my total caloric intake by almost 700 calories a day!  I noticed an almost immediate change in my energy levels and I was no longer crashing on the couch after my workouts. My recovery started to improve as well, I wake up feeling refreshed and recovered from the day before.

About 6 weeks into working with the macros, I was feeling absolutely amazing!  It was like everything had come together and my body was soooo happy!  I PR'ed my mile time, two benchmark workouts, and both of my olympic lifts.  The last time I had PR'ed my snatch or clean was 2 years ago!  And even with the additional 700 calories a day, I have not gained a single pound.  If anything, I have lost body fat and put on muscle.

I seriously cannot thank M2 enough.  It is super discouraging to give your all at the gym and not see the results you believe you have earned.  By dialing in my nutrition and fueling my body correctly, my body is finally showing the results I have worked for!  As a bonus, my workout partner and I won our first local competition this weekend!  :)

I cannot wait to see where these macros take me :)