M2PN Client | "In One Word, AMAZING!..."

In one word, AMAZING!... now to elaborate on it!

I’ve been 125-135 lbs most of my life, but somehow I ended up at a whopping 176 lbs in October 2016. One of my friends introduced me to M2PN, and that is when my life changed... BIG TIME!

I started working with M2PN in December 2016 at 176 lbs.  Within 7 months, I had lost 42 lbs -imagine my shock! I was eating real food (including chocolate as a snack) AND I was losing weight!

My M2PN Coach taught me to have a healthy relationship with food, exercise, feel great, and be happy about the choices I make.  My coach introduced me to macro counting (I had no clue what that was), educated me on when I should eat, and how much I should be eating.

On top of being healthier, happier, and creating new habits, my coach has been WITH ME on this journey - checks in daily, holds me accountable and responsible which is what I needed most.

I’m so grateful I found out about M2PN and I can’t THANK YOU enough for everything you've taught me so far. It’s been an amazing journey, and I am so grateful for my new and improved lifestyle. I’m a healthy 134 lbs, have tons of energy, and feeling amazing!☺️

If you are looking for a nutrition coach, get M2PN, they CARE, they LISTEN, and will catapult you to reach YOUR goals, no matter what - this is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself!