MyFitnessPal 101 | Tips, Tricks, Words of Wisdom

Post By: MeKenzie Riley & Kirsten Wilson

In the following guide, we'll cover: 

  • Don't Log Exercise ( MyFitnessPal)
  • How To Copy Meals
  • How To Copy Meals From Friends
  • "Complete Entry" = Not Necessary

Note for Readers: The MyFitnessPal interface & functionality may vary depending on the device you are accessing your account from.  We tried to take this account when writing these articles, but if you find yourself "stuck," don't hesitate to reach out to your M2 Coach for help.


Don't use the app to track your exercise.png

But seriously, we have already considered your activity level in your macro prescription. While we are big advocates of logging training in general, logging activities within MyFitnessPal will modify the goal numbers you have already inputted.

HEADS UP: having something like an Apple watch might also alter this, as those sorts of devices log steps and link to apps like MFP. The technology is nice, but try and keep activity out of the equation, on your end.


How to Copy Meals

Click the _menu_ button below the meal you wish to copy.png


If you are someone who frequently eats the same meal and/or snacks OR if you're eating leftovers, you probably want to utilize the "copy meal" feature. 

This feature allows you to essentially "copy & paste" previous meals to another day within the diary. 

Select the Date.png

Steps to Copying a Previous Meal:

  • Find the meal you wish to copy, in your diary
  • Click the "menu" button

    (typically three dots below the meal)
  • From the pop-up menu, click "Copy Meal"
  • From the pop-up menu, select the date you wish to "paste" the meal to



How To Copy Meals From Friends' Diaries


mfp-friendstab (2).png
Click the _diary_ icon to view your friend's diary.png


Eating the same meals and tracking with someone else?  If so, then you will likely want to use the MyFitnessPal feature that allows you to copy meals from a friend's diary. 

Steps to Copying Meals from a Friend's Diary:

  • Utilizing the Main Menu > Click the "Friends" tab
  • Find the Friend you wish to copy a meal from
  • Once on your Friend's "profile" > Click the "diary" Icon

    (typically located below the profile picture)
  • Once on your Friend's diary, locate the meal you wish to copy & complete the steps from above 



"Complete Entry" = Not Necessary

_Completing Your Diary_ is not required for your coach to see your diary.png


You don’t have to remember to “complete entry” at the end of the day in order for your M2 Coach to see your diary.  Your M2 Coach can see your information as soon as you enter it, so there is no merit to officially “completing” entry.

Diary Completion Message.png

Additionally, if you are someone who can't break the habit of completing your entry, then please make sure you ignore the summary at the end telling you how much you will weigh in 5 weeks! :) 


The Power Down Routine | Setting Yourself Up For Success


Written by: Jenny Sharp, M2PN Head Coach

I Get It

It’s 9pm. Your email box has unread messages in it. You still haven’t gotten to the group chat that’s blown up your phone all day because OMG did you see #BEYchella on IG this weekend?! Your gym bag needs to be packed and because the weekend was so busy, you didn’t get to meal prep so you also need to pack your lunch for tomorrow.  

You check in with your nutrition coach tomorrow morning and they’re going to ask you how sleep is this week? Did you hit your goals? You’d need to drop everything right now and just get in bed if you wanted to get close to 7 hours of sleep, which definitely isn’t happening because your boss just emailed you again.  If you don’t hit your sleep goals, you probably shouldn’t train tomorrow morning and so there’s no point in even hitting your macros tonight, so who the F even cares about all of this…...walks to kitchen, pours glass of wine, sits down and begins scrolling through all 85,000 #BEYchella posts.  And now you’ve caught a case of the fuck its.

I get it. A lot of the time life is a moving ball of madness, and it’s hard to keep up. So how do you get those 8 hours of sleep each night?  How do you quiet the noise of the day so that you can get to sleep and stay asleep?  Barring any hormonal issues, a great place to start is  developing a “Power Down Routine”.  

Developing a Power Down Routine

Creating good sleep habits starts with a sleep routine that helps you prepare your body and mind for bed.  Just as we create routines for preparing ourselves to workout and hit our macros, we also need to create a routine to accomplish our sleep goals.  So how do we go about creating our routine?  

1. Step One: Create the framework for how and and when your sleep will occur, your sleep plan.  Non negotiable for all M2PN clients is 7-8 hours of sleep per night. More is always welcomed with open arms. 

a. Starting with what time you need to wake up in the morning, work your way backwards to find the time you need to be asleep by (not just in bed) to hit your goal. 
b. Figure out when you need to be in bed to actually fall asleep by “Sleep Time”.        Most people will fall asleep within 10-20 mins of being in bed.
c. Figure out what time you need to start your power down routine in order to be in bed by “In Bed Time”

2. Step Two: Create your sleep rules.  We’ve offered some great suggestions below that we’ve found help our clients get to sleep and stay asleep.  You’re welcome to create your own set of rules. 

3. Step Three: Create your power down routine. This will be how you prepare your body and mind for rest and recovery.  Your routine should allow you to put a book end on the current day, prepare you for the next day, and get you ready for bed.  Check out the example below.

a. At 8pm an alarm on my phone goes off cueing the start of my “Power Down Routine” 
b. I then go to the kitchen and set up the coffee pot for next morning, prep breakfast, travel mug and shaker bottle
c. I  put the clothing I’ll wear to the gym the next day in the bathroom for the next morning
d. I set my packed gym bag by front door
e. I then take the dog on a quick walk
f. Once we’re done with our walk I brush & floss my teeth, take my night time   supplements(magnesium + CBD) , and go to the bathroom
g. It is now usually 8:30 pm.  I will get in bed, plug phone in, set alarm (no more phone usage after this)
h. Read book or brain dump. If my day has been crazy and I can’t quiet my mind I do a brain dump, or journal, of all of the things I’m stressed/thinking about.  Things I need to do tomorrow.  Anything really that comes to mind.   I’ll do either of these or both until I feel like falling asleep.  

Let's Face It...

...late night emails from your boss, clients, and co-workers aren’t going to stop.  The group chat will continue to blow up.  And unfortunately sometimes meal prep isn’t always going to happen.  Taking control of the end of your day by empowering yourself to end it on your terms is a great step toward refueling your mind, body, and soul for the next day. 

Resource For You

Click Here to download step by step instructions for creating your personalized Power Down Routine. 

Jenny Sharp, M2PN Head Coach

Jenny Sharp, M2PN Head Coach

About the Author

Jenny Sharp, Head Coach

Jenny has been making a positive impact on M2PN clients' lives since 2017. 

Her certifications include Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, NPTI Trainer and Nutrition Advisor, and CrossFit Level 2 Coach. 

Jenny has a passion for helping people from all walks of life, and is available for one-on-one coaching. 

Contact Us for more information about working with Jenny. 

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