MyFitnessPal 101 | Tracking Your Daily Macro Budget

Post By: MeKenzie Riley & Kirsten Wilson

In the following guide, we'll cover how to: 

  • Track Your Daily Macro Budget

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Note for Readers: The MyFitnessPal interface & functionality may vary depending on the device you are accessing your account from.  We tried to take this account when writing these articles, but if you find yourself "stuck," don't hesitate to reach out to your M2 Coach for help.

How to Track Your "Macro Budget"


Think of your daily macro goals like a bank account; you have "X" amount of P/F/C grams (Protein/Fat/Carbohydrate) prescribed as your daily allotment.   Unlike your normal bank account, the goal of your "Macro Account" is to break even at the end of the day - we don't want to be undereating or overeating as both have consequences.  In order to come out even at the end of the day, you are smartest to monitor your balance as the day goes to ensure you are consuming within your means,

Thankfully, within the MyFitnessPal app, there is a way to track your "ongoing balance" or otherwise known as the "Nutrients" tab under "Nutrition."

Steps to Using the "Nutrients" Tab:


Utilize the provided _balance_ updates to monitor your daily progress.png
Tip_ Click the _pie chart_ icon to quickly access your _macro bank_ within diary view.png
  • Click the "Main Menu" button > "Nutrition" > "Nutrients" (top center of the screen) 
  • Here, you will see the “bank account” representing your intake for the day compared to the goal you are working to meet.
  • The blue line will adjust accordingly, representing your progress towards your daily goals, as you add food throughout the day. 

    We encourage you to check this balance frequently throughout the day, as you plan and consume your meals to assist in your food selections.  

    Tip: There are numerous ways to access the "nutrients" tab in the diary portion of MFP, depending on the device you are utilizing.  Typically, the icon used within the app to represent this screen is a "pie chart" icon.